Rising Life's new album, "The Lion," I nearing completion!! We hope to release the album in May of 2016. It has been 2 years since a Rising Life album dropped and we are excited about this one. We have been blessed and we believe this album is special!! More to come.

Hello everyone! It has been awhile since we posted and the band was on hiatus as they finished up principal recording on the new album, WHICH IS DONE! The album is headed for the mixing room floor and should be launched worldwide by November followed by a tour.


Not only are we excited, but we are blessed, that founding member, drummer Brian Butler, has returned to the group. Words cannot express how pumped we are to have this veteran professional in our ranks again! Be sure to let him know you are glad to see him.

New guitarist joins Rising Life

Rising Life has expanded from 4 members to 5! Longtime guitarist Jim Collier has joined the group and has taken on the duty of lead guitarist. Heath was excited to be able to drop back to rhythm and concentrate on singing. Heath commented, "I have never played with a guitar talent like Jim, he is amazing and honestly just blows my abilities out of the water. What a blessing to have him. Also just the expansion of our sound alone is amazing with his addition."

January 2015

Hey all! We have been quiet through the holidays, but that does not mean we were not busy! Work on the third album has progressed, however there is more. The founder and leader of Rising Life, Heath Glisson, has formed a record label! Coffee Street Records has been formed and is busy signing new artists. Of course Rising Life was signed to the label as well. Heath also has almost finished construction on the offices and recording studio of Coffee Street Records!

The single has been out for a few months now and we have gotten a lot of great response from around the country! We will be dropping another single in the coming months from the new album.


Well the single has dropped worldwide this past Tuesday the 9th. The response has been overwhelming. To say we are excited is an understatement. With that said, "Into His Life (Radio Version)" drops on national radio Tuesday September 16th. Wow. We are getting close. Pray for us and I will get you a list of some stations that have the song and please call in and request it!!! Love y'all! 



Rising Life's New Single Goes to Radio

September 2nd, 2014: Rising Life is proud to announce that their new single "Into His Light" has went out to national radio over the Labor Day weekend. The song will be available for download on every site that sells music such as iTunes, Amazon, Xbox Music, and etc. on Tuesday September 9th. To celebrate, the band had a private single release party on Sunday August 31st which also doubled as the upcoming 3rd anniversary of the creation of Rising Life and it's ministry by Heath Glisson. More details to follow on the single. They are also busy producing their third album as well. Rising Life wants to thank all of it's devoted fans or as they call them, "Lifers." Without you they know that none of this would have been possible

06-28-2014 Twin Lakes Worship Center Show

What a great show and worship experience! Thank you to Twin Lakes Worship Center for being so open and helpful. We had a huge turn out to what I can honestly say was one of our best shows ever. Also thank you to the amazing and insanely talented Kyle Smith. If you are following facebook, as of this rmoning there have been 50+ videos posted of Kyle playing, his drum solo, and just general videos of us performing. This dude has been blessed by God with a talent beyond understanding despite living most of his life blind. Go check out the photo galleries and eventually the whole concert will be uploaded to Rising Life TV which is our YouTube channel. I will keep you posted on that. Now on to the next event. For sure we are playing for the third year in a row at Eddyville, KY's Founders Day on August 23rd. More to come on that as well. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!

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We are so excited! The new album dropped and the first shipment sold out within a week! We are currently mastering the album for online consumption and within another week the album will be live online. Stay tuned for the exact date and time!

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